Prophet JeremiahBy Rashidat Akashat

General overseer (GO) of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has said that Apostle Suleman is innocent of the alleged adulterous scandal.

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The founder and GO in a chat with Golderpearlmedia, defended his colleague the GO of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) who has been accused of abortion by his acclaimed ex-lover Stephanie Otobo.

The Warri-based clergy emphasised that the whole scandal is a work of the darkness and that change will be imminent if Stephanie begs for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Otobo has brought several proof, first was a screenshot of their phone conversation, then a bank statement of transfers made by the alleged adulterous clergy.

See part of the interview from Goldenpearl media below:

What do you make of the challenges Apostle Suleiman is going through?

“Jesus told his followers that whatever thing that he is passing through, his followers will also pass through same situation. They called Jesus our father names. Some said He was using Beelzebub spirit to cast out demons. It is not today that all these things started. These things started in the days of old. It is one of those things. If we are followers of Christ, these things must surely come to us. Not only him but every Christian that is growing; you would have to prepare for these things.

Have you spoken with him one on one ever since these things started?

“Yes. I met him today when we boarded the same flight from Benin to Lagos. I encouraged him. He is not even bothered. I asked him how he feels with this kind of persecution. He said that these things must follow us because we are people that are working in the body of Christ. As far as you are coming up and you are destroying the kingdom of satan through the name, Jesus Christ. I saw this persecution and I told people that such a thing is coming last year December cross over. I said this thing is coming up and we have to be prayerful.”

Should apostle Suleiman forgive Stephanie Otobo?

“I told him and he said that he is a human being that if God can forgive, then who is he not to. That is what I told my people one day that it is not by deliverance that this Stephanie needs to go through. It is by going to the man of God to plead for forgiveness before any man of God will now pray for her and everything will go well.”