Patience Jonathan
Former First Lady Patience Jonathan

By Ogbolu George

Wife of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience Jonathan, on Tuesday disclosed that she withdrew $100,000 from her unblocked Skye Bank account containing $5.9m for medical treatment.

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She said that she had intention of withdrawing the sum of $5 million but the bank could not give her due to lack of  funds.

Patience Jonathan made this known through her solicitor, Barrister Charles Ogboli.

Court order

Ogboli said she withdrew some of the money in her account to ensure the bank’s compliance by the court order.

”She wanted to withdraw $5 million on Friday but unfortunately there was no funds and they (the bank) pleaded with her that she can withdraw $100,000 in order to comply with the order of court.

”They have complied fully with the order of court,” he said.

Case appeal

Ogboli said the notice and stay of execution was a mere application and it could not supersede a court order.

”In the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, by mere fact that you have an appeal against a proceeding, it does not stop the trial from going on.That was what they were acting upon.

”Unfortunately for them, the order has been executed. Even when you move the motion it is an exercise in futility.

”So we are going to court to respond to whatever they filed. The issue is that she went to the bank and applied and account was debited with $100,000,” he said.

Medical treatment

The lawyer said Patience Jonathan was not under any pressure to withdraw all the money from her account.

”There were no challenges as to withdrawal from her account. She was not in any pressure to withdraw all the money, after all the money was there. But this is just for her medical treatment and all that,” he noted.