A Patient of Hypoglycemia and malnutrition                                             Photo credit: Washington Post

By Victor Ernest with agency report

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An Abuja-based general physician, Dr Fredrick Chimezie, has called for regular medical check-up of sugar level to avoid hypoglycemia.

Chimezie made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abuja.


Hypoglycemia is a dangerous condition in which blood sugar drops perilously low.

He described low blood sugar as a disease that affects mostly diabetic patients due to lack of sugar in the body to use as fuel.

Causes and symptoms

According to him, low blood sugar could be as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol without eating as well as becoming more physically active than usual.

He said that skipping meals and some form of medication such as insulin treatment could also cause low blood sugar in patients.


The doctor added that preventing low blood sugar was important to both diabetic patients and patients suffering from other related ailment.

He therefore advised diabetic patients not to skip meals especially when they are under diabetes medications, to avoid low blood sugar.

Chimezie stated that eating at least three evenly spaced meals each day with between-meals snacks, as prescribed by a doctor, was important in preventing low blood sugar.


He said that treatment for low blood sugar could be achieved by a doctor evaluating the medicines taken if it was caused by too much of insulin that peaks in the evening-to-morning hours.

The doctor urged patients with the disease to always check their blood sugar level after consuming meals enriched with sugar before eating another sugary food if it was still low.