MeurerBy Rashidat Akashat

Nigerians have gone after Tonto Dikeh’s alleged husband snatcher Rosaline Meurer on Instagram, few days after she enabled comments on her recent post.

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Nigerians attack Meurer

The actress might have forgotten that some fans of Tonto Dikeh are furious with her for allegedly wrecking her home before she enabled comments on her IG page.

Rosaline recently shared pictures of her ambassadorial position and activities with Tonto Dikeh’s husband’s foundation (Big Church Haven).

The actress who recently shared extremely beautiful pictures of her enviable body has unintentionally shammed the comments on her handle by deleting some and ignoring others.

It’ll take Nigerians a proper clarification on this allegation to let the supposed ‘husband snatcher’ be, perhaps another disabling of comments on her wall will do.