Pageantry In SwimSuit

By Rashidat Akashat

Following the conclusion of a pageantry this weekend, the government of Guinea has placed a temporary ban on beauty pageant over bikini outrage.

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This announcement followed the completion of a pageant in which contestants paraded in the presence of the Prime Minister Mamady Youla in bikinis.

Bikini is Alien To The Guinea Culture

Furious citizens criticized the prime minister for encouraging the act and further accused him of encouraging prostitution by attending such events which alienates their culture.

Other citizens said that wearing skimpy outfits is “a shame” and is alien to the Guinean culture.

In the same vein, the Minister of Culture in Guinea, said that the government had ended its contract with the organisers of the paegent.

The Government also said that the ban will be upheld till the committee set up to establish new code of ethics, finalizes its work.

Guinea is a West African conservative society with a majority of Muslim population.

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