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By Victor Ernest with Agency Report.

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency has partnered the University of Portsmouth, to train over 50 Geo-scientists in the agency on the modern trends in remote sensing.

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Remote sensing is a way of collecting and analysing data to get information about an object without the instrument used to collect the data being in direct contact.

Dr Malcolm Whitworth, a renowned researcher from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom will lead the team that will conduct the capacity building.

According to Isaac Okorie, a Deputy Director, who spoke on behalf of the Director General of NGSA, Alex Nwegbu, the programme is organised in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth Alumni Association, Nigeria.

He explained that the training was part of professional development for its personnel and over 200 Geo-scientists.

Okorie explained that there was arrangement for short term training and secondment of staff of the agency on areas where the university had strength.

According to him, the visiting professor, who has supervised some Nigerian students, will as part of the tour endeavour to understand the employment opportunities and skills required in the geosciences sector for their returning graduates.

The University of Portsmouth works with a number of funding bodies in Nigeria like the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF).

“Whitworth currently supports a PTDF funded student in their critically acclaimed work on engineering geotechnical properties of clay formations: identifying the layers using near infrared spectroscopy analysis which is proving a success for his sponsors, Okorie added.

He said that Whitworth will on Tuesday in Abuja, speak to professionals on the topic “The Role Of Remote Sensing In Engineering Geology And Environmental Investigations.”