Sanchez Double Sinks 10-Man Hull/Photo: AFP
Sanchez Double Sinks 10-Man Hull/Photo: AFP

By Andah John

Alexis Sanchez scored twice as Arsenal endured a strong challenge from Hull City to return to winning ways in the Premier League with a 2-0 triumph in Saturday’s early kick-off.

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The win moves Arsenal to third in the standings with 56 points, but they could return to fourth if Manchester City beat Bournemouth on Monday.

Sanchez put the Gunners in front in the 34th minute with a goal believed to be a handball. He then nailed it for the North Londoners when he converted a spot kick at the death.

And in his post match comment, Hull manager, Marco Silvo said he believed the scoreline does not truly reflect the game.

Silvo said: “2-0 is not the story of the game. We didn’t start well in the first half. We lost some balls in important zones. They scored one goal handball. We make mistakes, sometimes the referee make mistakes too. We don’t have a good day but that is football.

What about Arsene Wenger? Did he see anything wrong in Sanchez’s opener?

“Maybe. Sorry for that but I cannot influence that.

“Our job is not to focus too much on what is said and focus on what we are responsible – the performance on the pitch.”

The Frenchman went on to commend his charges for putting up an equally strong performance to curtail a confident Hull side.

“I felt we were resilient, focused. It was not easy against a good side. There was an edgy atmosphere but as a player you have to cope with that.”