By Victor Ernest

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The Lancet journal has  published the results of a clinical trial of the new ultra-low dose four-in-one pill which has been found to be 100 percent effective at tackling high blood pressure.

The results show that every patient on the pilot trial conducted by the George Institute for Global Health in Australia saw their blood levels drop to normal levels in just four weeks.

The researchers also completed a systematic review of past trials, including 36 trials with 47,500 patients testing single and dual quarter-dose in order to make sure that the trial results were not just a fluke.

This previous evidence also indicated little or no side effects with very low doses, and important benefits with three or four drug combinations.

Professor Clara Chow, of The George Institute, said a larger trials were still needed to see if these high rates could be maintained and repeated  but added that ”the results were exciting.”

Chow maintained that no issues were seen in the trial as it would have been with low dose therapy.

He however said, Minimizing side effects is important for long-term treatments: and ”this is the area where more long-term research is most needed.”

According to Indiatoday, hypertension or high blood pressure affects around 1.1 billion people worldwide.

Indiatoday posted that the trial was repeated for a further four weeks with the patients swapping their course of treatment.

Blood pressure levels were measured hourly over a 24 hour period at the end of each treatment, allowing researchers to significantly reduce the amount of patients normally required in a clinical trial.

As many as 100 per cent of patients on trial saw their blood levels drop below 140 over 90. Just 33 per cent of patients on the placebo achieved this rate.

“What makes these results even more exciting is that these four blood pressure medications are already in use. We are increasingly finding there are opportunities to treat many commons diseases hiding in plain sight. This ultimately means we will be able to deliver life changing medications much more quickly, and more affordably,” Chow said.