Picture depicts woman beating her husband (Photo Credit: Bella Naija)

By Rashidat Akashat with Agency Reports

Ibadan-based travel agent, Oluwatimilehin Oyewole, has appealed to court to annul his four-year-old marriage in order to be saved from domestic-violent wife.

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NAN reports that Oluwatimilehin, had petitioned to a court that his wife beats or pulls his manhood around the house, whenever they had a discord.

“My lord, anytime I complain about Kehinde’s waywardness and lack of respect for me, she beats or attack me with any dangerous thing within her reach.” he said

“Sometimes, Kehinde freely pulls my manhood as part of her attack on me.” He complained.

However, he said he ran out of the house most times, even at midnight due to her trouble, but does so to avoid bloodshed, not because he is a weakling.

Mother Supports Violence From Daughter

Oluwatimilehin pointed that his mother-in-law always supported her daughter’s ill-manners, adding that Kehinde flirts with other men.

“I am most disturbed by the disposition of her mother who always supports her misbehavior.” he said

“Worst of all, Kehinde has exited my house for more than a year now and I have reports that she has been sleeping with different men around.”

“I was told that if I admit her back into my house without her confessing to me all those who have had sexual intercourse with her, I might have to bear the evil consequence that should naturally befall her.”

“This is the reason why I thought that I should let Kehinde go before she eventually kills me,” Oluwatimilehin narrated.

Despite the fact that the bailiff confirmed that Kehinde was invited to appear before the court, NAN reported that the accused was not in court to challenge the accusation leveled against her.

The court President, Mr Ademola Odunade, adjourned the case to March 15, for further hearing.