Kenyan Couple
Another Kenyan couple small (Photo credit: Lee Elly’s Facebook Page)

By Rashidat Akashat

The trend in having a low budget wedding in Kenya has just been preceded by another couple who reportedly spent only Ksh 50.

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Kenyan Couple Buys Only Scones For Wedding

According to Lee Elly’s Facebook post, the couple who got wedded on Saturday, reportedly spent 50 cent for buying just scones.

Although, this less humility has not been celebrated like the Kenyan couple who wedded in T-shirts around a budget of $1, it only shows that the Mutura’s have set a legacy.

Recall that the Mutura’s shocked the world with their $1 wedding and were blessed for their humility, as they did not just appear on international media, but were gifted with a trip outside their country.