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By Victor Ernest

Have you ever wanted to post a live stream on any social networking site? Do you even know what live streaming is? Well, let me start by defining live streaming as a means of broadcasting something on the Internet as it happens.

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Why would anybody want to use live streaming? There could be a multitude of reasons – maybe you’re at an interesting place or tourist destination or at an important life occasion like your birthday party. There are many creative ways that people from all walks of life are exploring with live streaming. Some are even using it to report an incident for the world to see.

Here are the steps to stream live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, according to Gadgets360:

Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.
Press the camera symbol that appears on the top right side of the app if you’re on an iPhone (bottom right if Android).

Click the ‘Go Live’ button.

Write a title that describes what your live video is going to be about and click ‘Next’.

It will ask you to take a selfie for the video thumbnail. You can retake it if you don’t like what you took before.

Once you’re done, hit the ‘Go Live’ button to start the stream.

Click ‘Finish’ on the top-right once you’re done. [ For users having more than 10,000 subscribers only].

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Below the What’s on your mind status update box, you’ll see a Live button.

Tapping it for the first time shows you a demo video of how it’s done.

You can either see it or click ‘Skip Intro’, after which it will ask you to describe what the video is about.

Next, you can tap the Friends button (you might see Public there instead), and choose who on Facebook can see the broadcast.

After you’ve made your choice, hit the Go Live button to start the live stream.

Tap on Finish once you’re done.

Open the Twitter app on your smartphone.

Tap the New Tweet button. It’ll be on the bottom right corner on Android, or top right corner on an iPhone.

Select Live.

Type a description to explain your followers what they’re about to see.

Hit the Go Live button.

Swipe down and hit Stop Broadcast to end the live stream when you’re done.

4) How to live stream live video on Instagram
Follow these steps to stream live on Instagram:


Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Tap the camera symbol on the top left corner. Click ‘Live’ at the bottom.

Add a description that tells more about your live stream to your viewers.

Hit the Start Live Video button.

When you’re done, tap End on the top right corner, and then click End live video to stop the stream.


Open the Periscope app on your smartphone.

Click the camera symbol button on the bottom right corner.

Add a description to your live stream. You can also choose to either make the broadcast public or to a selected group of people.

Tap Go Live.

Swipe down and hit Stop Broadcast to end the live stream.