By Adedoyin Adediwura

An adekodere is that person who believes he or she has arrived, feel pompous in the midst of colleagues and friends, but actually has nothing.

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My brother, you’re an adekodere when after you were brought from the village, brushed up and shown around, you then believe that you know all the happening places in Lagos and can enter anywhere because you’re now ‘mouthed’.

You’re an adekodere when after your graduation, you get a job with N200,000 monthly slaray with an official car (or you managed to get your own car), and then lost all senses of respect, humility and gratitude.

My sister, you’re an adekodere when after you were brought from the village or wherever town you hail from, and after little tutelage, you decide to enter town. You feel you’re now wiser than your mentor. You’re now so full of yourself that one finger cannot enter your anus.

My lady, you’re now an adekodere if because your boss at work finds you useful as a sex toy, you now decide to be rude to your fellow colleagues. You’re even rude to your mother at home because of the peanuts you earn in exchange for your body; it may even be that yahoo boy at the junction of your street that is misleading you.

The end of adekoderes is always very brutal. They learn and regret the very hard way. The men end up being used and swindled, while the gals end up as old cargoes without real friends, husband, or family. They’ve ended their life with pride and ego that doesn’t even belong to them; that’s if they’re lucky enough not to have their skull decorating the wardrobes of some rich men or yahoo boys.

Even if you’re learned, handsome and pretty, humility, respect and wisdom can take you a long way. Everyone, including those you look up to (I mean those your role models, were once protégés. They humbled themselves and learnt well.

In conclusion, even if some girls/guys were raped by knowledge, wisdom and understanding, they still won’t learn.