TroopsThe internet is agog discussing a video that shows two army officers viciously beating a physically-challenged man on a busy road.

The man is said to have been so treated because he was wearing a camouflage-styled short.

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The video, according to social media users, was taken in Onitsha on Tuesday at New Market Road and shows two soldiers brutalising and whipping the man as he writhes in pain helplessly. They then drove off in a Military Police van after having had their fill.

People around watched and made no effort to stop it.

It is quite an unwritten rule that soldiers beat up anyone they see wearing anything camo-designed. This brutal reaction of theirs to it has been going on for years and raises the question of whether it is the sole right of the armed forces to wear cam-wears.

The video is an addition to a growing lists of cases of military brutality which usually go unpunished.