By Victor Ernest

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An application has been developed by Google and lvyrevel to help its users make a choice on the right clothes to wear, according to a post on the Android Developers’ blog.

The “data dress” technology is a collaboration between Google and Ivyrevel, and is based on Android’s Awareness API, which lets apps “be aware of all aspects of a user’s environment.”

According to Swedish fashion blogger, Kenza Zouiten, who was speaking in a film on the H&M-backed Ivyrevel fashion website “I have nothing to wear” dilemma could be solved by the new app.

The app aims to create a customised dress design based on smartphone data showing someone’s location and activity, as well as the weather.

Zouiten added that the new application, which is at the trial stage, can monitor what someone is doing every day for a week, to recommend and design a dress style for them.

She further explained that once the app is installed on a phone,  and the user selects a reason why he or she needs a dress, the app will automatically customise a design for such a user.

It was posted on that the “coded couture” app is at alpha stage and is being tested by fashion “influencers”. It will be released publicly later this year.