TBoss and Miyonse, Photo Credit Instagram

By Rashidat Akashat

‘The Boss’ popuarly known as TBoss, told Miyonse yesterday that she wants only him in Biggies house.

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Is this an Irony or a twist of nomination?

TBoss who nominated boyfriend and housemate for eviction, in a conversation that ensued between the duos said, she would give Miyonse his space.

TBoss Needs A Break

The pierced tit housemate added that her beau has not been helping matters and that she would give him space.

Miyonse who always plays the understanding partner agreed.

The “pin cushion” admitted to Big Brother that she was not pleased with her boyfriend’s flirtatious attitude, then she charged and nominated him and one of his flirt partner Gifty.

We are confused at this controversial housemate and her love life, Is she being honest by telling Miyonse that she “really pray, I swear, you are the one person i want in this house the most…” , Or is this all a front?

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