Pastor Chris Okafor,

By Concise News Correspondents 

A cleric, Chris Okafor, has expressed sadness over the spate of killings in southern part of Kaduna, stating that “nobody owns this country” and that “We are keeping quiet does not mean we are powerless.”

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Pastor Chris, who is the founder, Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries (MLMM), lamented what he called brutal and inhuman killings of Christians in the north, especially in Kaduna.

He made this known during a recent service in the church premises.

The cleric lashed out at the government and perpetrators of the incessant brutal killings in the north.

According to him, the Nigerian polity is gradually becoming heated up and ungovernable, due to negligence on the part of the authorities.

“People are being killed in a country where there is government, and nobody seems to be saying anything, and anybody who says anything they come against that person. We are all ready to die for it.

He accuses herdsmen

”When they come with their cow to graze in your farmland, they destroy your farmland, and when you talk they kill you, because to them their cow is more important to them than your own life, why?

”Because you are seen as an infidel, you are seen as an unbeliever. Over 800 people have been killed in Kaduna and no arrest has been made, not even El Rufai, the Herod, that can even make a statement totally condemning the act, the short Herod could not even make a statement!

”A man cried to me about 2-weeks ago, that he doesn’t have a place to stay. I asked him why and he said where they were living in Kaduna was burnt. His 7-children and pregnant wife were killed; he said he ran for his dear life, as it is right now he is a widower, no wife no children.

”Nobody owns this country, we all own the country and no people can try to claim superiority over other ones, we all own the country.

”We are keeping quiet does not mean we are powerless, we can do something, we can fight, enough is enough!” an angry Pastor Chris said.

The violence in southern Kaduna, a predominantly Christian settlement, is said to have claimed over 800 lives, in 53 villages.