Senator Buruji Kashamu has stated his intent to violently oppose any attempt to extradite him to the US to face trial for drug-related offences.

Kashamu, who described as illegal the move by the US to extradite him to the US, said he would go out and hire OPC members and go everywhere with them. The security detail is to kill anyone who tries to abduct him.

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“There is no extradition that can be brought against me again. The only thing they can do is to watch and catch me on the road; take me to the airport or Cotonou or throw me inside a vessel and take me through the Atlantic Ocean. But I am not going to let that happen.

“I will go and hire OPC, maybe like 40. I will load them (in my vehicle), because the day we meet, one has to kill one. That is for sure! One has to kill one because I am not ready to go anywhere. Before that happens, maybe about three, four or five people will die.”

He argued that the case had already been heard and settled by two British courts and three Nigerian ones. Added to these, he maintains he is not the culprit. He says his now late brother, Adewale, is the one who committed the crimes for which he is wanted.

Going on, he said he has placed his faith in the integrity of the Buhari-led government which he believes would always follow the rule of law.

He, however, blames ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo for his current travails. The businessman and lawmaker said: “Obasanjo has been pushing them, using one Sandra, a former ambassador of the United States; he’s the one pushing everybody, meeting all these judges, but what have I done?”


In a statement titled, ‘US court ruling: I have no case to answer’, dated January 28, 2017, Kashamu maintained that he was not the offender and stated that:

“My brother was living in Chicago, I sent him to school. He’s very well educated. He was the one who caused a lot of problems. Even when I was in London, they still traced almost $2m into his bank account while I was in prison; they still continued doing the transaction. If you go through the last British judgment, it is there.”

Buruji Kashamu is a senator representing Ogun-East constituency in the 8th Assembly.