Big Brother Naija Eviction Show
Big Broother Naija First Eviction Show

By Rashidat Akashat

Housemates gather together, waiting for Big Brother to address them, then those nominated for the possible “fake” eviction rose from their seats.

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The housemates were tensed up, following the unexpected as their host reminded the viewers at home about the twist, which will be that there will be no evictions the first week and there will be an additional two new roommates.

Big Brother Naija Eviction
Big Brother Housemates Surprised

Big Brother Naija Eviction: TBoss and Marvis At The Arena

Bally, Marvis, Colcoice, Kemen and Tboss stood waiting for the undecided fate, Bally was told to seat, Marvis was asked to leave the house. The housemates got more tensed then TBoss was called, being the quiet beauty and friend of everyone, they were shocked to learn that she too must leave the house.

They soon learnt that they were to remain at the arena, Bisola expressed her shock at TBoss’ eviction by holding her head and crying, Gifty shocked everyone as she wailed over TBoos’ eviction.

Meanwhile, Big brother informed TBoss and Marvis of the eviction scam, they were happy, Bisola remained moody and unhappy at the unknown fate of TBoss.