With that, we have come to the end of the coverage of gameweek 5 of the NPFL. Plateau and Rivers United remain unbeaten. Plateau win another game to increase the gap at the top of the table. MFM FC are fast turning the Agege Stadium into a fortress.The champions wobbly start to the season continues.

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We hope to see you again as we journey with the clubsides in Nigeria in their bid to be league champions.

FT Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

FT MFM 1-0 Pillars #MFMPIL

FT: Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR

FT Plateau Utd 2-1 Abia Warriors #PLAABI

FT Remo Stars 2-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK

FT Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB


FT Enyimba 2-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS

FT Gombe Utd 2-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN

FT Wikki 3-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE

90′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

89′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Katsina chance. Nasiru Sani heads towards goal. Saved by Akwa GK Kayode.

87′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa defending so deep. Katsina pushing for a late winner.

85′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. It looks like both sides are going tomend up sharing the spoils.

83′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Katsina’s Tasiu plays in a curling corner kick. Akwa GK Kayode saves.

80′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Katsina chance. Frank Charles let fly from inside the box. Off target.

78′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa GK Kayode punches away Tasiu’s strongly whipped cross for a corner to the host team.

75′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa’s Ebiye tries to dribble his way through the Katsina defence but takes one touch too many.

73′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

71′ SUBSTITUTION Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Katsina sub. Usman Bello replaces Destiny Ashadi

70′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa’s Pyagbara wastes a glorious chance.

68′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Floodlight of the Mohamed Dikko Stadium comes on as we close in on the last 20 minutes.

65′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Katsina chance. Ibrahim Suleiman’s fierce shot just brushes against the post.

63′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Adah wins a corner for Katsina

62′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa keeper Olufemi Kayode booked for time wasting.

60′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Chigozie Chilekwu of Akwa stops Adah Joseph legally from having a go at goal.

59′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

58′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Joseph Adah replaces Joshua Agboola.

57′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

55′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa’s Ifeanyi Ifeanyi hits a long pass for Pyagbara but Katsina GK Yinka makes a timely save.

54′ SUBSTITUTION Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa sub. Ariwa off, Paterne Counnou on.

52′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa’s Alhassan Ibrahim booked for a poor tackle on Tasiu Lawal.

51′ Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Eleje again powers in another headed attempt from Nasiru’s cross. Akwa GK Kayode punches to safety.

47′ GOAL! Katsina Utd 1-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Kingsley Eleje heads in Tasiu Lawal’s corner for Katsina’s equalizer.

46′ Katsina Utd 0-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Second half starts in our #NPFLLive late kickoff.

90+’ SUBSTITUTION MFM 1-0 Pillars MFMPIL. MFM sub. Olatunbosun is replaced by Abisoye Olawale. A time-wasting move?

90+’ MFM 1-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. We are into the four minutes of added time.

87′ MFM 1-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. MFM’s Okorom shoots off target.

90+’ GOAL! Gombe Utd 2-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Mannir Ubale converts the penalty to double Gombe’s lead.

90′ PENALTY! Gombe Utd 1-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Ref points to the spot for a handball by a Sunshine player in the box.

90′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Four minutes of added time to be played in Enugu.

90′ Enyimba 2-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS. Two minutes to be added in Calabar.

88′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB. Rivers Utd defender Gabriel Olalekan has been voted man-of-the-match.

88′ ABS 2-0 3SC #ABSSHO. ABS GK Boje spreads himself well to thwart Bola Lekan’s attempt and deny 3SC a foothold in the game. No Game On! today here.

87′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Pape Ousmane (RAN) rises highest to meet Etor’s cross. His attempt goes over.

87′ Remo Stars 2-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK

HT Katsina Utd 0-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

Last time Pillars picked a point on the road was on 22 May, 2016 at Plateau United. It looks like their search will continue.#MFMPIL

85′ GOAL! Gombe Utd 1-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Blunder by Sunshine GK Ojo Olorunkele gifts Sanusi Sani who taps in easily.

85′ SUBSTITUTION ABS 2-0 3SC #ABSSHO. ABS sub. The impressive Metu makes way for Eugene Ossy

43′ GOAL! Katsina Utd 0-1 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Alhassan Ibrahim scores from close range. Assist by Christian Pyagbara.

83′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Tornadoes’ Christian Attah is booked for a foul on Chidiebere Okolie.

83′ Final Substitution for @WikkiTouristFC as Ezekiel Thompson comes in for Abubakar Lawal #MD5 #NPFL #WIKIFE #NPFLLive

82′ SUBSTITUTION Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB. Lobi sub. Iyorhe replaces Sunday Alimi.

82′ SUBSTITUTION! (Lobi Stars): Luter Iyorhe replaces Alimi Sunday

40′ Katsina Utd 0-0 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

81′ Yellow card to Chinedu Onyenolu for a foul on Stephen Eze Wikki 3-1 #FCIU #MD5 #NPFL #WIKIFE #NPFLLive

81′ Dare Ojo curls a free kick over the top.

66′ GOAL! MFM 1-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. Waheed Adebayo dives in to nod away a superb cross to give MFM the lead.

80′ Enyimba 2-1 Nasarawa Utd . Chima Akas’ 25-yard free-kick gathered by Nasarawa GK Ayeleso.

80′ ABS 2-0 3SC . ABS winger Metu goes on a solo run, skips past his markers but can’t finish.

79′ Goal! Wikki 3-1 #FCIU as Sub Guda doubles the lead with a Sublime shot into the bottom left corner #MD5 #NPFL #WIKIFE #NPFLLive

79′ SUBSTITUTION The day’s work is done for the captain. He comes off to a rousing ovation from the crowd

77′  SUBSTITUTION Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes . First Tornadoes change, Ifeanyi Okoye replaces goalscorer Chidiebere Ajoku.

63′ MFM 0-0 Pillars MFMPIL. MFM’s Onuwa and Odey combine. The latter drags his attempt off target.

74′ ABS 2-0 3SC #ABSSHO

73′ Wikki 2-1 #FCIU Lawal takes a shot on the run but he misses narrowly #MD5 #NPFL #WIKIFE #NPFLLive

71′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. A desperate Godwin Aguda (RAN) is booked for simulation.

71′ ABS 2-0 3SC #ABSSHO

29′ Katsina Utd 0-0 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa chance. Ebiye crosses low from the flank. Pyagbara’s finish is poor, easy save for GK Yinka.

70′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine Stars GOMSUN

70′ SUBSTITUTION Plateau Utd 2-1 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Plateau sub. Anayo on for Umeh.

70′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB. Sub for Rivers Utd as Bolaji Sakin comes on for an obviously tired Ovoke

70′ SUBSTITUTION Enyimba 2-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS. Enyimba sub. Joseph Osadiaye off, Eric Frimpong on.

66′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Gombe chance! Idris Bakary volleys off target.

66′ GOAL! Enyimba 2-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS. Enyimba captain Mfon Udoh gets his brace. Assist by Ugochukwu Leonard.

65′ SUBSTITUTION Wikki 2-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE. Wikki sub. Mohammed Guda replaces Mubarak Umar.

65′ Enyimba 1-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS. Nasarawa sub. Abdulrahman Bashir off, Ishaya Anyu on.

64′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Hussaini Isah (TOR) is booked for a late challenge on Osas Okoro.

63′ Wikki 2-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE

60′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL

60′ SUBSTITUTION Plateau Utd 2-1 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Plateau sub. Lazarus Fan off, Sadeeq on.

60′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN

60′ SUBSTITUTION Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB. Rivers sub. Yusuf Jaiyeola comes on for Aliassou Sanou

60′ Enyimba 1-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS

60′ SUBSTITUTION Remo Stars 2-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. El Kanemi sub. Sunday Anthony replaces Ajia Emmanuel.

46′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. The business end of this match is underway.

59′ ABS 2-0 3SC #ABSSHO

20′ SUBSTITUTION Katsina Utd 0-0 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Akwa sub. Injured Hassan Babangida is replaced by Nura Usman.

57′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Tornadoes half chance. Christian Attah with a snap shot, parried for a corner by Bonsu.

15′ Katsina Utd 0-0 Akwa Utd #KATAKW. Yellow card to Barau Usman of Katsina United for a tackle on Hassan Babangida of Akwa

55′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB. Gabriel Olalekan of Rivers booked for a foul.

54′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Ojo Olorunleke of Sunshine dives and parries Idris Bakare’s shot

52′ SUBSTITUTION Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Rangers change. Daniel Etor replaces Bobby Clement.

52′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB

52′ GOAL! ABS 2-0 3SC #ABSSHO. Ebuka Anaekwe connects with Samuel Oyedeji’s perfect cross to make it 2 to ABS.

10′ Katsina Utd 0-0 Akwa Utd #KATAKW

50′ Wikki 2-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE. FCIU sub. Onuigbo comes on for Onamado.

MFM lead 1-0 at the Agege Stadium. Kano Pillars continue their search for an away point. CNG/Andah John

50′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN

50′ Plateau Utd 2-1 Abia Warriors #PLAABI

50′ Enyimba 1-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS

49′ GOAL! Remo Stars 2-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. #NPFL new boys double their lead through Oche Salefu’s well-taken free kick.

48′ Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. El-Kanemi’s Erumiya booked as Remo win free kick near the box.

47′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Chance for Tornadoes. An unmarked Bolaji Adeyemo heads Ajoku’s corner over.

46′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Second half starts

46′ Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Bobby Clement gets the second half underway for Rangers.

46′ Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. Second half starts in Sagamu.

46′ Second half underway. Enyimba 1-1 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS

46′ ABS 1-0 3SC #ABSSHO. We are back underway in Ilorin

Half-time Scores

MFM FC vs Kano Pillars 0-0
Katsina United vs Akwa United
Rivers United vs Lobi Stars 0-0
Gombe United vs Sunshine Stars 0-0
Wikki Tourists vs FC IfeanyiUbah 2-1
Enyimba vs Nasarawa United 1-1
Remo Stars vs El-Kanemi Warriors 1-0
ABS vs Shooting Stars 1-0
Rangers vs Niger Tornadoes 1-1

Plateau United vs Abia Warriors 2-1

1′ Katsina Utd 0-0 Akwa Utd KATAKW. Late game kicks off in Katsina.

45+3 GOAL! Rangers 1-1 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Lightening counterattack by Tornadoes and Chidiebere Ajoku levels

40′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. MFM’s Odey hits the free kick off target.

39′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. Free kick to MFM in a good position in front of Pillars box.

43′ GOAL! Plateau Utd 2-1 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Philip Azango scrambles in the rebound after Kabiru Umar misses

40′ GOAL! Rangers 1-0 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Godwin Aguda nets after Aliko parries Omoniwari’s effort to his path.

40′ Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. Remo chance. Salefu makes a meal of a glorious chance in front of El-Kanemi’s goal.

25′ MFM 0-0 Pillars MFMPIL

39′ GOAL! Wikki 2-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE. Jonathan Richard turns it around for Wikki. He scores from Anyanwu’s assist.

39′ GOAL! ABS 1-0 3SC #ABSSHO. Defensive mix-up by 3SC allows Mohammed Mohammed to score.

35′ GOAL! Enyimba 1-1 Nasarawa #ENYNAS. Adamu Hassan equalizes for Nasarawa. Assist by Thomas Zenke.

35′ GOAL! Wikki 1-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE. Wikki’s Jonathan Richard curls in the ball from outside the box past FCIU GK Ezenwa

35′ GOAL! Plateau Utd 1-1 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Warriors back in the contest. Godwin Zaki’s pile-driver too much for Gaadi to handle.

23′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. Emma Anyanwu of Pillars booked for a foul.

35′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB

35′ ABS 0-0 3SC #ABSSHO. It’s been all ABS so far. 3SC are pegged in their half.

34′ Antonin Oussou (Nasarawa) misses a one-on-one chance. Enyimba 1-0 Nasarawa Utd. #ENYNAS

33′ Ifeanyi Anaemena booked. Enyimba 1-0 Nasarawa Utd. #ENYNAS

33′ Rangers 0-0 Tornadoes #RANTOR. Ref Akinsanya sends off a ball boy for repeatedly distracting Tornadoes goalie, Aliko.

30′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN

16′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL. Udoji of Pillars makes two goalline clearance to stop Adekunle from scoring.

30′ Plateau Utd 1-0 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Plateau striker Umeh fluffs a good scoring chance after good work by Ingbede

27′ Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK

27′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB. Pointblank save by Lobi GK Odah to keep out Ovoke’s attempt

26′ PENALTY SAVE! ABS 0-0 3SC #ABSSHO. 3SC GK Uweru stops Adeshina Gata’s spot kick

25′ Enyimba 1-0 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS

24′ PENALTY! ABS 0-0 3SC #ABSSHO. The pace of Metu is too much for 3SC duo Osawe & Suraj. The latter fouls him in the box.

24′ PENALTY! Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Gombe United get a spot kick after Fabassou Djoufoune was brought down in the box

23′ Rangers 0-0 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Rangers pile up the pressure. Omoniwari hits another freekick, superbly saved by Aliko.

20′ Plateau Utd 1-0 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Plateau’s Ingbede drives in from midfield, takes a shot but wide.

20′ Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK

20′ Enyimba 1-0 Nasarawa Utd #ENYNAS

Live pictures from the Agege Township Stadium. Home of MFM FC

5′ MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL

20′ Rivers Utd 0-0 Lobi #RIVLOB

18′ ABS 0-0 3SC #ABSSHO

1′ KICKOFF. MFM 0-0 Pillars #MFMPIL

13′ GOAL! Enyimba 1-0 Nasarawa #ENYNAS. Mfon Udoh gives Enyimba the lead from the spot.

12′ Rangers 0-0 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Big Miss by Rangers. Bobby Clement tees up Omoniwari with a superb cross, the header goes wide.

10′ ABS 0-0 3SC #ABSSHO. Metu of ABS beats Suraj for pace. His cross can’t pick out Ebuka in the box.

6′ ABS 0-0 3SC #ABSSHO

6′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN. Sunshine’s Samad latches on to a long pass, beats his marker & fires over.

5′ GOAL! Plateau Utd 1-0 Abia Warriors #PLAABI. Sensational start for the #NPFL leaders as Elisha Golbe curls in a free kick.

5′ GOAL! Wikki 0-1 FC Ifeanyiubah #WIKIFE. Prince Aggreh puts FCIU in front. Assist by Jimoh Oni

5′ Gombe Utd 0-0 Sunshine #GOMSUN

4′ Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK

2′ Rangers 0-0 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. Early chance for Rangers but Tornadoes goalie, Aliko cuts out Nwobodo’s cut-back from the byline.

2′ GOAL! Remo Stars 1-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. Onuoha Chukwujekwu scores for the home team. If this is not a show of intent, I do not know what is.

1′ Remo Stars 0-0 El-Kanemi #REMELK. Kickoff.

1′ Rangers 0-0 Niger Tornadoes #RANTOR. The visitors get us underway in Enugu.

1′ We are underway in Calabar. Enyimba 0-0 Nasarawa Utd. #ENYNAS

Good afternoon and welcome to another evening of being served Nigerian-flavoured football. Matchday 4 in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). The NPFL resumes for gameweek 5. Plateau and Rivers United look to keep their unbeaten run, and MFM FC their home winning form. Exciting times!

We, as promised, would be here to give you live updates of all the happenings.

Today’s Fixtures

MFM FC vs Kano Pillars
Katsina United vs Akwa United
Rivers United vs Lobi Stars
Gombe United vs Sunshine Stars
Wikki Tourists vs FC IfeanyiUbah
Enyimba vs Nasarawa United
Remo Stars vs El-Kanemi Warriors
ABS vs Shooting Stars
Rangers vs Niger Tornadoes

Plateau United vs Abia Warriors