Uriel At The Big Brother Naija, Photo Credit Big Brother Naija’s Instagram page

By Rashidat Akashat

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To say the activities in the Big Brother house is only overwhelming is an understatement, it is also full of surprises, lessons and to a large extent more insight into the personalities of the housemates.

However, before the campaign, Uriel(head of the house) was summoned by Big Brother to go to the diary room where she was told that housemates were expected to nominate those they wanted to be evicted with all the discretion rules involved in the nomination.

BBNaija Nomination In The Big Brother House

Housemates were informed with all their antennas and inexperience displayed on the nomination, but they had to select their best two and worst two, in short the deal had to be done.

We smiled, not because we did not sympathize with them over their dilemma but we the viewers know that the whole shenanigan is just a twist by Big Brother to bring in two new housemates.

Nominees Announced

Those up for the fake eviction are Bally, Miyonce, TBoss, Kemen and Bally, hmmm! the choices of the housemates was not only a surprise to the those selected but even the viewers.

The rule holds that the head of the house reserves the right to replace and save one of the nominees, Uriel however took us by surprised as she saved Miyonce and replaced him with Marvis.

Uriel Disappoints Bally

It was not funny, Bally who had been a bit friendly with her later expressed his disappointment in Uriel and Big Brother acknowledged him as ‘sincere’ amidst the others who claimed she made the switch under pressure.

TBoss cried in the arms of her boyfriend and Thin Tall Tony(TTT) came to cheer her on, they went to the kitchen and TTT called TBoss his “Lover”, Miyonce walked in and said he would go and look for another lover.

Miyonce Flirts With Giftty

Giftty ‘Princess’ as she’s fondly called, decided to clean up, while she was cleaning the loo, Miyonce started making passes at her.

Gift who sat beside Soma was still being flirted with by Miyonce who talked dirty and was caught in the act by his soon to be ex TBoss…

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