Armed fulani herdsmen

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Ughelli, Delta State, Bishop Diamond Emuobor, has called on Christians in the country to defend themselves against rampaging Fulani herdsmen.

The bishop who doubles as the General Overseer of Trinity Gospel Mission headquartered in Delta State said it was not unbiblical for Christians to defend themselves against external aggressors.

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“Christians should defend themselves and he who has no sword, should sell his coat and buy one to defend himself,” advises Bishop Emuobor.

“We are all human beings, nobody should catch you like a snail and slaughter because you believe in Jesus Christ.

The bishop noted that southern kaduna killings and other killings in the northern part of the country is an attempt to wipe out Christianity from Nigeria. He, however, noted that the aggressors cannot win the war as Nigerian christians will defend themselves.

“We all would not die. Those of us who are alive have the right to defend ourselves. Jesus says in the Book of Luke that those who have no sword should sell their coats and buy one for the defence of their lives,” he stated.