Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

The vice president of Facebook’s product management, Will Cathcart, has announced plans to effect changes to the algorithm used to display “trending” topics, reports UPI.

This is as part of efforts geared towards eradicating fake news stories on the site.

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“Today we’re announcing three updates to Trending, a feature that shows people popular topics being discussed on Facebook that they might not see in their News Feed,” he said.

The three changes would see “trending” topics now featuring a publisher’s headline. So also will there be an ïmproved” system of identifying topics to determine which ones are popular.

Added to these, the social media giant will no longer personalise topics; all users from all regions will see the same topics.

It is hoped that the changes, which were effected on Wednesday, would get the desired the result.

“We’re listening to people’s feedback and will continue to make improvements in order to provide a valuable Trending experience,” Cathcart added.

The issue of faux news has been a hot one in recent weeks, sparking discussions among millions of users on the Internet and even President Donald Trump.