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By Rashidat Akashat, Agency Reports

A playwright and Producer, Oluwanishola Adenugba, has urged the Nigerian government to provide facilities and endowment funds to protect stage play from going into extinction.

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NAN reports that Adenugba has produced plays such as “Culture Diaries”, “Eko Dialogues” and “Brother Jero”

Oluwanishola Adenugba is the Executive Director of Live Theatre Productions, and has also produced plays such as “Culture Diaries”, “Eko Dialogues” and “Brother Jero”.

The Producer said on Wednesday in Lagos, that adequate facilities and funding would encourage producers and directors to stage plays.

“With this support, we will tell our stories always and stage them. Promoting government policies through plays will be easy, and people will understand them better.” Adenugba told NAN

“We are urging governments and corporate bodies to come in and make stage plays more relevant.” The Producer of ‘Brother Jero’ said

“Putting up a production is very challenging because you must have good stage. Casting and stage setting require huge amounts of money,’’ Adenugba Added.

Stage Play Require Funding- Playwright

He also said that for a stage play to last an hour, it would require a lot of money to make costumes that would fit into the message to be passed throughout the play.

“If you make it real, the audience will feel the impact, it will be captivating for them because it is live.
“We have to get it right because there is no film trick and effects on stage as we have in films. Because it is a live, people relate with it easily.” He explained.

“Stage plays project art and culture and are closer to the audience than films,’’ he added.

According to him, stage plays are realities projected on stage.

“Stage plays are saying what is authentic and the audience feels instantly what is being passed to them.’’
The playwright told NAN that many stage plays had been able to convey some cultural imbalances with a view to correcting them.