cancerThe Civil Society for Cancer Eradication in Nigeria (CiSCANEN) on Friday, called on relevant stakeholders to consistently create more awareness of the disease and its effect.

Mr Elijah Elijah, its National Coordinator, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Nigeria had the largest burden of cancer in Africa.

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Elijah said that based on World Health Organisation’s statistics, Nigerian women die of breast and cervical cancer daily.

“Cancer has unfortunately assumed a worrisome dimension as more cases and diverse forms are being reported.

It kills more people than malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS.

He fingered consumption of frozen food as dangerous and consumers run a high risk of having cancer. He advised a drastic reduction in its intake. So also should people stay away from smoking as it is also a causal agent.

“Inhaling the tobacco fumes continuously is toxic,” he said.

“ Good diet, exercises and continuous medical checks are essential for the prevention and management of the diesease.