Gambian defence chief Ousmane Badjie

By Concise News correspondents

Gambia’s chief of defence staff (CDS), Gen Ousmane Badjie, on Thursday celebrated President Adama Barrow’s inauguration as Yahya Jammeh’s successor.

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The CDS, who had publicly stood by Jammeh, had earlier switched sides on expiration of Jammeh’s tenure on Thursday, saying his men will not engage ECOWAS military (ECOMOG troops) advancement into Gambia.

A total of 7,000 troops from Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Mali have advanced into Gambia from the southeast, southwest and north before they were ordered to stop.

The advancement will resume at noon (1200 GMT) on Friday if Jammeh still refused to leave, according to head of ECOWAS commision, Marcel de Souza.