Crowd at the Trump Inauguration/Photo: LUCAS JACKSON / REUTERS

By Andah John

Thousands of people were in attendance as the United States swore in Donald Trump as its 45th President on Friday.

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The number is less than the all-time record attendance during President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 as the 44th president.

Trump had encouraged his supporters to set an “all time record” for attendance.

How it went down

The ceremony opened with the call to order from Sen. Roy Blunt, followed by readings and invocations and music from the Missouri State University chorale.

Mike Pence then took the Vice Presidential oath of office, administered by Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.

Thereafter, Trump took the presidential oath of office, administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts.

He then gave his inaugural address, followed by more readings and a benediction and closed with the national anthem.