Nigerian Air Force jet

Agency Report

The Nigerian air force is reported to be flying over The Gambia, as African troops are said to be ready to force incumbent Yahya Jammeh to quit after his December election defeat.

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President-elect Adama Barrow was sworn in at the country’s embassy in Senegal, while Jammeh has continued to cling on to power, AFP reports.

The embattled Jammeh initially accepted defeat after the December 1 election but later rejected the result.

“I confirm that the armed reconnaissance air force are over Gambia,” Nigerian Air Force spokesman Ayodele Famuyiwa told AFP.

“They have the capacity to strike.”

Jammeh still negotiating

Famuyiwa said that negotiations were still ongoing with Jammeh, a leader who has ruled the West African country for 22 years.

“What we understand right now is that it appears he’s trying to reconsider his position, he may stand down,” Famuyiwa said, speaking from Abuja.

“But we have our troops there and they are there to enforce the mandate.”

The Economic Community Of West African States has repeatedly called on Jammeh to accept his defeat and honour the country’s constitution.