Representing Adultery Murder Case
Representing Adultery Murder Case, Photo By Portugal Resident

A 28-year-old man from Jordan, was charged on Thursday with murder after killing his wife and daughter on suspicion of adultery.

According to judicial and security sources, he stabbed his wife and daughters aged three, two respectively, to death and seriously wonded the one-year old, in what they claimed to be “honour” killings on Wednesday.

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The killer who has been charged for premeditated murder, carried out the act in the northern town of Ramtha, a judicial source said.

Adultery Killing For Honour

A security source said after the crime, the 28-year-old turned in to the authorities and claimed that committed the murder to protect his family’s “honor” because he “suspected his wife was cheating on him.”

Again, the security source, claimed that the man had a misunderstanding with his wife, where she mentioned that he is not the biological father of her daughters,

“He went crazy and grabbed a kitchen knife with which he stabbed his wife and three daughters,” said the source.

The security source added that the wife and two of the girls the three-year-old and the two-year-old, were killed on the spot, while the one-year-old was admitted to hospital in a serious condition.

Murder is punishable by death by hanging in Jordan, but courts usually commute or reduce sentences in cases of so-called “honour killings,” particularly if the extended family urges leniency.

The conservative Muslim majority country sees around 15 to 20 such cases a year.