IBEDCThe management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has denied responsibility for the poor power supply to areas within its coverage area.

Mrs Angela Olanrewaju, Head, IBEDC Media Communications, said power transmitted is the quantum of energy allocated to it by the TCN. A case of not being able to give what you don’t have.

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Olanrewaju said, “We wish to inform our stakeholders that the energy value chain comprising the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the country has its inherent challenges.

Adding to this, the deputy Managing Director, Mr John Ayodele, said it was unfair for the TCN, the middleman in the value chain, to blame the man at the end of the chain. Especially as it, the TCN, has not been distributing power to where it is needed and when.

This has resulted in revenue loss and loss of premium customers who have resorted to self-generation

“The distribution companies supply power to customers based on energy allocated to them by TCN.

“It is wrong for TCN to blame distribution companies over poor power supply to customers,’”

“We will continue to appeal to TCN for better and reliable power supply to enable us to retain our premium customers who are beginning to seek alternative power sources.

“We will continue to improve and upgrade our infrastructure for power supply delivery to all our esteemed customers in the face of all the obstacles in the sector,” Ayodele said.