Senator Ndume

By Oladapo Okeowo

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Senator Muhammad Ndume (Borno South) has put paid to rumours about his governorship ambitions.

The senator, who was till January 10 the Majority Leader, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) such rumours are unfounded.

He said he is not at the right age to run for or lead a state as its governor. According to the senator, a man who is already 60 years old has no business trying to run a state.

He said a state demands energy, vive and attention that a man of that age would find hard to give. For four years.

“I personally feel that anybody approaching 60 years should not go and contest for governorship election.

“This is because governing a state in Nigeria requires somebody that is vibrant, strong, that can withstand the enormous pressure associated with the office,” he said.

The lawmaker is 58 years old and will be about 60 years by the time elections come around in 2019.

“I am 58 years old now, and by the time we will be leaving the senate I will be close to 60.

“I think that will be an old age for a governor of a state,” Ndume said

“So, I do not envy persons aspiring to be the governor, I do not have interest.’’

Ndume did say he would run if it happens to be God’s wish for him.