The Sun claims Bimbo Ayelabola cost the NHS £145,000 in 2011 after giving birth to five babies in London. Photo: The Sun

By Concise News correspondents

“Let them give birth in hospital car park,” says a Briton of Nigerian women who fly to UK for childbirth.

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“Stop these vermin at the point of entry,” advises another.

British citizens are very disgusted by Nigerian pregnant women who fly into the country to give birth and, therefore, want the UK’s health tourism bill amended, Concise News gathers.

This was made known recently following a story published by The Sun in which it was reported that a Nigerian mum flew to Britain to give birth to twins and racked up £350,000 (about N136m) hospital bill in the process which will be paid for with tax payers money.

The woman had a Cesarean section and her babies were admitted in the intensive care unit of the hospital racking up the huge bill in the process.

Yet another Nigerian woman was accused to have drained tax-payers off their resources by giving birth to quadruplets after going into premature labour on a flight to London. One of her babies died.

UK citizens have repeatedly criticized its government for failing to clamp down on health tourism, which is estimated to cost tax payers £230million a year.

The unimaginable words used to describe Nigerians who fly to the UK to give birth, however, sends some shock waves down the spine. Below are some of the comments:

Shirley Connolly

“This is why everyone arriving in the UK should be checked to see if they have health insurance. If not then charge them 5 times more than if they bought it before they set off, before they enter the country. If they wont supply proof or refuse, refuse them entry. Time to come down hard on them, It should be if you are not born here no matter what your status is within the UK you pay for your medical treatment. No wonder we have families in Africa send their HIV positive family members here they get the drugs for free. Should never happen test if positive sent back they are not our tax payers problem.”

Kay Richards
“Well all my comments on this thread on DE have been moderated. All I said is that pregnant women should not be allowed to fly. All immigrants should have insurance. Stop all foreign aid and take out monies owed to NHS. This has been going on for years. Mostly at London hospitals. The govt. has got to stop talking about doing things and actually DO them.”


Yellow and Black
“Try getting medical treatment on major countries like USA or Canada without showing your credit card first!”

Yellow and Black
“Time we had biometric I.D. cards in this country. Cards could be scanned at reception at any hospital or doctor before any treatment is given. No card or fraudulent then pay cash up front or have health insurance.”

Ian Wilson
“If you buy a new car now, you have to supply your national insurance number so as to prevent money laundering, yet these foreign pregnant women get the price of a showroom of flash cars every time they give birth. Seems when they get fcuked, so do we. Don’t you just love this country!!”

Tom tommo 
“The Canadian border guards turn back foreign pregnant women, with no means of support at the point of entry, the problem is how can one tell, the difference between a fatty and on that has been knocked up?”

Norman Shilling
“Every normal person I talk to knows what the problem with the NHS is and the biggest one is giving free treatment to anyone from anywhere in the world. Britain is bankrupt to the tune of 1.7 trillion pounds but the lunatics in our government still borrows money to give to foreign tyrants and terrorists instead of sorting out the NHS. I can not beleive that anyone would vote these ConLabLib clowns into government but you have. I voted UKIP and if everyone else had done the same Britain would have left the EU Dictatorship by now and would have sorted out the immigrant problem, NHS problem, got rid of ‘Green Taxes’ and would be putting the Great back into Britain. WAKE UP BRITAIN.”

Peter Quarmby
“Stop these vermin at the point of entry, if they are obviously anywhere near being about to pup turn them straight around and back to whichever sh+te hole they’ve come from and if they do get in unless they have means of payment refuse treatment. It would be cheaper to set up a small anti fraud unit at hospitals than to keep treating these freeloading scum.”

Enoch Powel
“We give Nigeria millions and millions of tax payers money each year in foreign aid so just take it out of that then stop giving this s*** hole anymore money as all they do is have multiple kids. On another note I lived in Czech rep for a few years teaching and whenever the expats needed a GP we had to pay there and then, there was only 1 GP surgery for expats in Brno. Broke my arm there also, had to pay and personally claim it back through the UK system not the hospital. I HAD TO PAY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT SO WHY DONT THESE FREE LOADERS, the UK is a joke run by dogoder p***** who give the taxpayers money away like it’s there own and it’s not.”

Enoch Powel
“A Hungarian man and woman worked at a spring water company in Yorkshire he got pancreatic problems in Budapest while on a trip home. £100 per day charged,wife snook him out of hospital and onto a plane to the UK where he has been milking sick pay and a sick bed at Leeds GI. Free health care and company sick pay for a pallet packer. Absolute joke. And that’s just one claimant, Romanians are doing it in the droves busing in parents for major operations, Africans getting HIV drugs etc etc etc etc etc etc”

“To get a 34 paperback out the library you have to show ID. To get thousands of pounds worth of medical treatment you don’t. How stupid is that? It should be very simple NOT BRITISH = NOT TREATED.”

“Should have just turned the freeloading skank around at the airport. I”m not interested in a penny of my money being wasted on helping any of these people. I’m only interested in sending them back where they came from.”

“cluck the lot of them! if they don’t have a Uk passport and speak English with an English accent let them give birth in the hospital carpark! if they die let it be a warning to the clunts!”

Just imagine one of these commentators as a member of the medical crew that will attend to a pregnant non-British woman! Are British hospitals still really safe for pregnant Nigerian women to give birth?