5.0 CGPA Graduates
Taiwo Bankole and Oyindamola Omotuyi,

By Rashidat Akashat, Agency Reports

Taiwo Bankole, 22 and Oyindamola Omotuyi, 21, who completed the feat of their undergraduate studies with first class and Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA 5.0, made some revelations.

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The two first class graduates from the University of Lagos, hit the same record of their predecessor Ayodele Daniel from the same university who made the same CGPA 5.0 in 2016.

The Elite graduates spoke with Vanguard Online in separate interviews.

Oyindamola Omotuyi hails from Ondo State and graduated from the department of System Engineering, while Taiwo Bankole from Ipaja, Lagos State graduated from Cell Biology and Genetics department.

Omotuyi who is from a family of five and the oldest of three daughters, said she drew her inspiration from her book-loving dad.

‘’My father, an engineer reads all night and I tried to emulate him.”

5.0 CGPA: A Result Of Hard Work

Not born an exceptional student, said her first class is as a result of hard work.

‘’While in primary one, I took 11th position in my class and in UNILAG, I had two bad results. A day before the exam of a particular course, I saw my test result where I scored 9/30. Before the test, I had read very well, yet, I got 9/30. When I saw it, I was downcast. I asked God what was going on and I cried. That was in 200 level. However, I didn’t let it stop me because I don’t believe in falling and not rising again. After crying, I met people to brush me up on the course to know what the lecturer really wants and the exam turned out beautifully later,”

“In another course, I had 5/40 in the test and the highest in the class was 10/40, however, at the end, I scored 70 per cent.” She said.

Omotuyi said she never had a boyfriend because her future is her main goal.

‘’I never had a boyfriend. I understand what school relationships really are and I don’t do things because everyone does it, I have where I am going to. It is not that I wasn’t approached by boys, but there is a right time for everything,’’ she said.

On the other hand, Bankole narrated the roughs and toughs before her entry into UNILAG. She opened up on how difficult it was for her to pass her UTME, despite making WAEC and NECO in one sitting.

‘’I ended up entering school with direct entry by doing diploma in UNILAG.’’

According to her, graduating with first class was not her target.

‘’When I did diploma, my CGPA started from zero in my 200 level. In my degree, when my CGPA rose to 5.0, I decided to maintain it by reading for six hours everyday. I keep my studies interesting and simple. I use the library, I read in my room, I listen attentively in class, and I trust God for success.’’

About her social life, she said: ‘’I go out with my friends, watch movies and go to church. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Asked the reasons, she simply said: ‘’This is because I came to face my books and not relationships. When the time is right, God will provide the right person for me.’’

She encouraged students to be hardworking and stay focused.

“Be hardworking, determined and diligent in all your endeavours. Trust in God in everything you do to overcome challenges. I have no regrets.”