Nigerians Upset Over MMM Withdrawal Limit Photo Credit Concise News
Nigerians Upset Over MMM Withdrawal Limit

Ponzi scheme MMM says it has set a new withdrawal limit of N31,000, regardless of account balance.

The rampaging and fluctuating reports on MMM is all over the media and there is no saying that members of the ponzi scheme keep anticipating positive updates on their comeback which might be a long wait.

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MMM Separates Large PH Request

Here’s an update:

Meeting Update Jan 18th

Priority now is for those with smaller amount on their PO.

Hundreds of thousands has got help and more will get as we progress gradually.

With time large Ghers would be given prioity to cash out hence the unpairing of large PH requests as well till date.

It’s important to do the promo tasks to counter the media pressure.
How fast the system recorver depends on our confidence in the system.

Opinion also needed on the freezing of bonuses acquired before December 13.

Vote was also done on whether bonuses should keep grow or not.

We also voted for mavro 30% to stop growth after 30days, 50days or continue to grow.

These votes are our opinions which is very important for Mavrodi to take decision.

Our community is going back to normal. We have to explain this to our downlines. The more positive we are, will determine how fast we’ll recover. We must speak positive and confidently about our community to people around us.

We want to create a system where people help each other and a system that will be sustainable. We must be positive and be confident. Do the promo tasks.

We’ll inform you about updates with time. Ignore the unconfirmed media news.

We shall overcome!

Thank you.

A user out-rightly expressed disappointment in the money doubling scheme, adding that they cannot be trusted, coupled with the economic situation this January, many will not invest their money because of the long wait.

“Who will Provide the Help

The Help will come from people like you and me But

MMM has lost that trust that will make the PHers to believe they will get Help tomorrow.

Things are tight in Jan and expenses like school fees, rents take front burner

A lot of GHers will not invest their money if they are PHed because they know the queue for GH is longer than Mississippi River.”

The media has done a lot of awareness and damages to MMM” he wrote.

Another disappointed member, expressed complete dismissal of the scheme, with claims that MMM is killing them slowly.

You guys would have sorted it out before the resumption if you actually have common sense,beside i don’t know what make you think those with small amount on their PO need more help than the people with big amount
Why is it difficult for you to understand that,some people collected loan,some lend money,some used their rent,some sold their things and some used customers fund to invest in the scheme,I know you guys are the one holding all our funds and there is nothing we can do about it
Just want you to shut down the web at once and stop killing us gradually