Tourists flee Gambia in numbers ahead of Jan 19th transition. Source: AFP

By Ousainou Mbenga

For all intents and purposes, Jammeh’s reptilian brain is bent on nothing else but to ruin our beloved Gambia even after being rejected at the polls on December 1, 2016. This rule or ruin mentality have become a common practice among tyrant –African presidents since “flag independence”. We must begin to cultivate a leadership willing to confront neocolonialism – colonialism in its ugly black faces.

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Fifty six years ago, the great Malcolm X once characterized Moise Tshombe as the worst African that ever lived. Tshombe was a wealthy plantation owner in the Katanga Province of then Belgian Congo. Tshombe, Mobutu and the Belgians conspired with the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) to assassinate Patrice Lumumba, the first president of the Congo in 1961. Tshombe was one of the last to see Lumumba and his comrades alive, after gun – butting him a few times at the dungeon they were detained at before facing the firing squad and ultimately mutilated.

For this traitorous act against the Congolese people and Africa, Tshombe was the worst African that ever lived, until Jammeh crawled out from the swamps of Kanilai, in the Gambia.

Unlike Jammeh, Tshombe didn’t last long. The Belgians and CIA imposed Joseph Mobutu Seseseko who set a trail of terror for almost 30 years.

Jammeh’s dominant reptilian brain puts him in a category that surpasses Tshombe in crimes against Gambians and Africa, stretching a span of 22 years. His beast – like behavior and atrocities, such as the burnt body of Koro Ceesay, the first Minister of Finance of the AFPRC, mass disappearances, illegal indefinite detentions, student massacre of April 10 and 11 2000 and the illegal execution of death row inmates in 2013, to mention a few, dwarfs not only Tshombe but many tyrants in Africa.

Like Tshombe, Jammeh has grabbed all the prime land in the Gambia and implemented the humiliating “forced labor” of his ministers and other government officials on his plantations in Kanilai. He deliberately destroyed the agriculture of the Gambia for the benefit of this former hamlet, Kanilai. And not only has the source of feeding ourselves been destroyed by uprooting a vast majority of farmers from the devastated rural areas into the sweltering urban squalor, Jammeh equally destroyed the educational, and health care systems by imposing the barely adequate standards he brags about as his development projects.

Unlike Tshombe, Jammeh hides behind his white robes as “god fearing” and a man of “peace” harboring

“unconditional love” for Gambians and Africans in general, when he has killed and destroyed so many lives during his 22 years dragnet of terror. Jammeh does not only kill Gambians, he also slaughtered 44 Africans, and mostly Ghanaian on July 2005 based on bogus intelligence that these brothers came to overthrow the APRC regime.

A self-professed “Pan-Africanist”, Jammeh won the bizarre administration of his fellow Pan-Africanists , blind cultural nationalists and the worst of opportunist intellectuals just because he rants “anti- western” slogans. In fact, after 22 years of a wink and a nod, we have long concluded that Jammeh was a creation of the “west”. Imperialism needs neocolonialism for its survival and Jammeh served it best.

Jammeh sells most commodities in the country in fierce competition to destroy big and small businesses including the penny-ante market women. He is known to be the most selfish, greedy and envious “human being” ever. He has a morbid desire to own and control every Gambian’s livelihood. “Yaay Borom” – You are the owner of the country became the slogan of his willfully ignorant sycophants. Banners and posters of “Yaay Borom” with Jammeh’s picture litter the electric poles and bill boards along the main roads in Banjul and other cities to further inflate his grotesque ego.

Revelations in the Panama papers of $900,000,000 associated with the Jammeh cartel makes Tshombe look like a boy scout.

Jammeh’s insolent and belligerent behavior even after being defeated at the polls is to plunge us into a blood bath. In his deranged reptilian brain, he takes pleasure in creating misery, mischief and suffering of the people while invoking Allah’s name. Jammeh has reached the end of his rope, he has two days to hang himself.

The recent provocations of annulling the election results, his total disregard for ECOWAS’ remedial efforts, the escalating uncertainty for a peaceful transition, the mass out flux of Gambians into the rural interior and Senegal as refugees makes Jammeh the worst African that ever lived.

From us on the Gambian front of the African revolution, the problem is an African problem more than it seems to be an isolated Gambian problem. We have endured similar or exact experiences with monstrous megalomaniac presidents. In the presence of revolutionary organization and leadership, the likes of Jammeh and Tshombe will never again emerge in our midst. In the absence of a revolutionary organization and leadership, the impending military intervention by ECOWAS will undermine the fighting capacity of the Gambian masses. An uprising – rebellion was the logical option but the coalition never had the will and trust of the masses to carry out this task to its logical conclusion.


Ousainou Mbenga is a US-based Gambian