Nipost Headquarter Building
Nipost Headquarter Building

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has offered its service to Aba manufacturers as a major deliverer of items ordered from their companies to consumers across the country.

The initiative is a concerted bid to promote the sale and consumption of made-in-Nigeria goods.

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Mrs Simbiat Lawal, the Manager, Corporate Affairs Department of NIPOST made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja.

“In this arrangement, NIPOST will be in charge of transporting all the goods that the manufacturers want to send to customers both across the country and even outside its borders.

“Because NIPOST is located in all the 774 local governments across the country, we have the reach and the logistics to circulate merchandise and parcels.

“So, when Nigerians buy from the manufacturer either in bulk purchases or in bits, we carry it from the point of purchase to their door steps with just a token.

“This is a kind of the e-commerce that we are talking about, all you need do is to pay at the counter of any NIPOST office and the job is done.

“You can even track and trace the movement of your goods till it gets to you,’’ she said.

Lawal opined that this would reduce the dependence on foreign goods, increase patronage of made-in-Aba goods and aid the forex situation.

She pointed out Nigerians predilection for all things foreign which has led to Aba producers sticking foreign labels to their goods. She said “most of these goods that you see written made in China or Taiwan are all made in Aba but because our people are import inclined,…they put foreign labels on them.”

She urged Nigeria to patronise indigenous companies to aid their growth, build the economy and not develop another country at Nigeria’s expense.

“That is why NIPOST is taking the dynamic step to partner with our manufacturers to promote made in Nigeria goods through effective the distribution and delivery chain which is less cumbersome.

The Aba manufacturers are reported to have partnered with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) to sensitise, educate and inform people about their products. and to tell the public where they can get these goods and how it can be transported to them,’’ she said.

The made-in-Aba/made-in-Nigeria drive is a policy of the current administration which has seen the NYSC partnering with Aba producers for the kits and the Senate buying the Innoson cars for its members.