By Concise News correspondents

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Four days after unfreezing participant’s account on Jan 13, MMM has cut short participant’s joy by canceling all participant’s payment requests. Coming after freezing participant’s account for over 30 days, things are no longer as they seem to be for many participants in the Ponzi scheme.

To this end, different reactions have been trailing this new development on social media. Participant’s have been expressing fears over their investment in the system.

Here as some of them as gotten by our correspondents from social media:

Jeff Friday


Phillip Olowu


Emmanuel Onyeka


Ozurumba Chucks


Okorie Henry


Thomson Nwene


Another excuse

Operators of the scheme, however, have another excuse ready. They blamed participants’ inability on system upgrade. They explained that the site was not fully shut down for the upgrade because that would cause panic, and that the upgrade was not completed because they had to open the system for participants a day before its Jan 14 target.