ATR Practices In Benin City Edo State Photo by Afrocentric Confessions
ATR Practices In Benin City Edo State
Photo by Afrocentric Confessions

By Rashidat Akashat, Agency Reports

Yeye- Osun of Lagos Mainland Mrs Folusho Adeogu-Oga, on Tuesday urged followers of the African Traditional Religion (A.T.R) to be honest in their dealings in order to serve as a role-model to members of the society.

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Adeogun-Oga speaking with NAN in Lagos, said that some compelled dishonesty relating to those who have approached them, had reduced the trust and confidence people have in traditional practices, and this has dragged them into crimes, corruption and other social vices as their norm.

She further said that if all the practitioners were honest and sincere in their attitudes, they would be able to shape the larger part of the society for the better.

People No Longer Believe In ATR

Yeye Osun speaking on potency of traditional practices, said people no longer had strong conviction on their beliefs and practices.

Adding that “Sanctions were instantly meted out then against .culprits of any crimes without any cumbersome processes.”

“ We need to go back to our roots so that our value-systems do not die a natural death.’’ She stressed.

The Yeye said that going back to our traditional practices would help bring back sound moral consciousness in the society.

Adding that we should embrace nature, herbs and other natural things created by God for healing and other positive things.

She said that Nigerians returning to their roots would bring about sanity and orderliness will prevail.

“Africa Traditional Religion will encourage every individual in the society to conform to the dictates of the law and reduce social vices currently in vogue,’’ she concluded.