Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West in Paris

By Rashidat Akashat

A total of 7 suspects including Kim Kardashian Paris Chauffeur have been released but the remaining 10, if French police fails to substantiate the news breaking arrest, will be released tomorrow.

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Kim Kardashian Paris Raiders Freed On Friday

In France, there’s a 96 hour Standard French procedure, which allows freedom of alleged criminals or they get placed under judicial investigation, if the police is unable to substantiate their arrest.

According to Reuters, French police raced against detention-time limits on Thursday to glean information from people arrested over the gunpoint hold-up of Kim Kardashian, among them underworld figures said to be known by nicknames worthy of Hollywood hoodlums.

The arrest which was hasten by the KUWTK star outcry on the show, of how upset and helpless she felt when she was being tied in her bathroom and stripped off her jewelries worth an estimate of $ 9million might still have a lead, since the suspected criminal to have planned the criminal act is still under police custody.