Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery
Kim Kardashian, Paris Robbery
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By Rashidat Akashat

So far, we have been able to gather that among those involved in Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery are criminals in their 60’s and 70’s with sound expertise, and the wonder is how the alleged criminals succeed?

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The incident which occurred in October 2016, cost the KUWTK star jewelries worth an estimated $10 million and according to BBC, the French police believe that the thieves were anxious for a last, lucrative haul.

Kim West and her night watchman who were the only witnesses to the crime both told police that their aggressors were men “of a certain age”, according to L’Express. CCTV footage on the street outside also provided crucial evidence.

Paris Robbery Succeeded Through An Insider?

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian was attacked after the Paris Fashion show ended, and Police were intrigued at how the gang were captured on CCTV at the scene at 2:15 am, minutes before Kardashian West arrived from a restaurant.

They believe the gang may have been informed that the target was on her way, unaccompanied by her bodyguard, who was with her sister at the club.

According to one account, in L’Express magazine (in French), The “veterans” who carried out the actual robbery. Five men broke into the residence, holding a gun to Kardashian West’s head before binding and gagging her in the bathroom.

The suspect described by the French media as the suspected mastermind of the hotel robbery is a 60-year-old man detained in the eastern suburb of Vincennes, the oldest aged 72, is of Algerian descent picked up on the Cote d’Azur, a couple aged 70, other three men in their sixties, two brothers Michael 40 and Gary Madar, the older brother Michael, 40, several individuals from the Manouche (French Gypsy or Roma) community.

Michael Madar 40, was Kim Kardashian West’s chauffeur during Paris Fashion Week and his arrest raise strong possibilities of the crime, being an inside job.

A security source told BBC that “We would expect the people who carried out a job like this to be criminals with a certain degree of experience. They would need the connections to be able to dispose of the jewels once they had got their hands on them,”

The veteran Paris robbery produced no trace of the stolen jewel, which is expected as these expert suspects wouldn’t want to be linked. The only thing the leading police were able to link to the crime was Some €300,000 starched in different locations from the reach of the suspects, as well as hand-guns and a pump-action shotgun.

Police confirmed that the gang had been under surveillance for several weeks, after DNA traces left at the scene provided a match with a known former criminal. There were two traces: one on the plastic strap used to bind Kardashian’s wrists, the other on a necklace dropped by one of the robbers on the pavement.

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