Players and officials of Akwa United during the seminar/Photo: Akwa United Media/

By Concise News Correspondence

Ex-Fifa badge referee Linus Mba has advised footballers as well as referees in the country to always update their knowledge of the game.

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Mba believes adequate knowledge and understanding of the latest changes in the rules of  football will reduce unnecessary fouls.

He made this known during an interview with Akwa United media unit at the end of a one-day seminar organised for players of the club by the management of the team in Uyo,

“Players usually get confused with the interpretations of the laws of the game, and as a result, they commit lots of fouls in the field of play.

“Laws guiding the game have been reshaped in such a way that decisions are more flexible and fair, so players deserve to know more about the latest changes,” Mba told the club’s media.

The former president of the Nigeria Referees Association (NRA) further said changes in the laws of the game will be implemented in the NPFL for the first time this season.

But he urged referees to ensure they give proper interpretation of the laws during matches.

“Series of seminars have been organised for referees in this country in respect to the latest changes in the rules of the game, so as to make them more conversant with the changes.

“The level of success may not be 100 per cent but we are sure that it will help referees to make fair decisions during matches,” Mba said.

Some of the latest changes in the rules include offside calls, restarting of games, and changes in line-up.