Isabelle Huppert Oscar's Watch
Isabelle Huppert Oscar’s Watch, Photo Credit Madame Figaro

By Rashidat Akashat With Agency Report

The spotlight for the upcoming Oscars is on French actress Isabelle Huppert 63, who made a soaring double triumph at the 2017 Golden Globes Awards.

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Isabelle Huppert has been described by the late American writer and feminist Susan Sontag as a total artist, which simply implies that Huppert is the best at what she does and she does deserve a win at the Oscar.

She has earned her respect in taking up the most challenging roles in cinemas from rape victims to murderers to sado-masochists and abortionists.

The fearless actress, took up a very challenging role which according to an interview with AFP by “Elle” Director Paul Verhoeven, was turned down by several top American actresses because it strayed dangerously far from boundaries of the rape-revenge genre.

So instead he set the film in France and asked 63-year-old Huppert to play the role.

Isabelle Huppert To Win At the 2017 Oscar
Isabelle Huppert To Win At the 2017 Oscar, Photo By VALERIE MACON / AFP

Huppert A Watch At The Oscar

Her outstanding performance in “Elle” which means ‘Her’ or ‘She’ in English, won both best foreign film at the Globes in Los Angeles on Sunday and Huppert best actress. A typical gift for making almost unbearably dark stories not just watchable but compelling.

In it she plays a video game businesswoman, Michele, who is raped by a younger man only to track down him and invite him to dinner.

Just when the tension gets intense, she uses the situation to heal her impotent son’s masculinity, making him believe he’s a hero and putting the villain in his cubicle.

Verhoeven and late Susan Sontag  have been bought over by her rare intelligence.

Huppert who has been compared to Meryl Streep for her range and her mastery of both stage and screen has gone way darker than her American counterpart especially in Micheal Haneke’s “The Piano Teacher” which earned her best actress at Cannes and the European Film awards in 2001.