Rahama Sadau
Rahama Sadau KannywoodActress

By Rashidat Akashat

It seems Rahama Sadau is back to the Hausa branch of Nollywood (Kannywood) in new movie, Rariya months after she was banned from Kannywood by Motion pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN), following a love interest appearance in singer ClassiQ’s music video.

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Recently, Sadau took to her IG page to announce her return by promoting a new movie Rariya which features Kannywood’s superstar Ali Nuhu, and other acts according to her post,

Photo by Rahama Sadau’s Instagram hanle

Rahama Sadau Features In Kannywood Movie

”rahamasadauWith the blitz that was started from the title song RARIYA, it’s one of the most melodious tracks of the year, and quotes like ‘Tankade Na Yo Na Sa Rariya, Kaine Ka Zamo Tsaba, Zabina A Soyayya’, you must get a what Rahma Sadau’s next film Rariya will come out with, is completely complex dynamics between love and friendship.”

“It is fairly clear from the trailer that Ali Nuhu, Rahma Sadau, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Maryam Booth Fati Washa and Hafsat Idris are coming with new dynamic story that’ll tell the world where Kannywood is heading to. The story explores love, the shapes it takes, the way it changes us and the exhilarating and often terrifying ride it takes everyone on, as their characters express life, love and heartbreak.
The trailer of Rariya – The Movie, goes through its range of emotions: lust, love, friendship, chemistry, anger, frustration, sadness — it’s all there.”

“Hashtag #RariyaTheMovie has been trending on Twitter since Sadau Pictures unveiled the trailer of the film last week. While fans have been going all gaga over the film, several critics and celebs have also been tweeting positively about the trailer. With veteran and legend King of Kannywood Ali Nuhu, the trailer has much more intensity which testifies that, Sadau and Nuhu’s chemistry is beyond acting, they have common understanding outside the camera.”

“Veteran director Hafizu Bello seems to be very impressed with the film’s trailer. He has lauded the trailer in his own way.”

“The film is directed by genius Yaseen Auwal. – Mubarak Khan
Cc @sadaupictures ✌?️” She posted.

When asked what inspired the movie on Twitter Q& A,

“The fact that I want Us (Women) to feel the power that we have instead of being implausible.”

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