By Rashidat Akashat

It’s bad business for Uber, as they get sued over a rascal driver who was accused of beating up a passenger Joseph Fusco, and abandoned him for death in the cold weather.

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Uber driver Refused Taking Passenger To His Destination

According to TMZ, Fusco’s ordeal occurred in December when he decided to take a 9 mile ride, with the online taxi to his NJ, Cherry Hill home. In the Lawsuit Joseph filed against the online Taxi, he said the driver refused to drive him there.

Joseph added that he begged the driver, who was adamant and he got pissed, dragging Joseph out of the car and beat him up mercilessly, breaking the bones in his face, knocking out teeth and leaving him in a pool of his blood and in the cold.

He also said that he thinks there’s a surveillance video showing him unconscious as the driver stomped him.

Driver’s ID Withheld From Investigators

Adding fuel to inferno, Joseph said that the driver charged him for a 28 minute ride and that the company has refused to ID the driver for investigators.

TMZ added that Sources linked to Uber mentioned that the company sacked the driver as soon as the incident was reported, and that contrary to Joseph’s suit, Uber is in full support of the investigation.