Prince Eke and Muma Gee Divorce
Prince Eke and Muma Gee Divorce

By Rashidat Akashat

Muma Gee and Actor Prince Eke are about to get their own slice of divorce as Prince Eke unveils the reason behind the marriage end.

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Prince Eke who just confirmed that his 4 year marriage to his songstress wife will go down the divorce exit in an interview, said that the marriage ended 3 months ago and they are about to make their separation official.

Earlier in December, Prince Eke spilled his family problems out on Instagram claiming that the songstress had neglected their kids for a month leaving them with their nanny and allegedly running off to Abuja.

Reporters who contacted Prince Eke confirmed his marriage to Muma Gee was over, “The truth is this. I am no longer married to Muma Gee. We are separated, for about 3 months now,” said Prince Eke.

“Let’s just say it (our marriage) didn’t work. We are not compatible. Talking about Muma Gee now is going to remind me of things I have forgotten. I have moved on and she has also moved on. I don’t want talk to Muma Gee again.

“A lot of people have different impressions about everybody. People try to judge you even when they don’t know you. I don’t want to go into details but the thing is, Muma Gee and I are separated and very soon we will be officially divorced. I’m no longer married to Muma Gee.

“In due time, the divorce will be filed. The thing is, there is a straw that breaks the camel’s back and when it does, you find out that probably all the beautiful years you had were just a mirage. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured,” he said.

Custody of the kids

“I don’t need to agitate about who should have custody of the kids. To be honest, I won’t be able to take care of them like a mother would and they are too tender. They are with their mother. I allowed that because I can’t take care of them for now. They will probably slow me down and my job also restricts me,” Prince explained

Discussing divorce on social media

“I don’t feel good speaking about my private affair in public. But the reason I had to speak out was because at that point, for 3 months, Muma Gee was no were to be found. People said they saw her in Abuja with the crazy hair that she made. Well, it’s her life not mine.

“So, I had to go to the social welfare for kids, they invited her. They almost arrested her before she now came back and carried the kids. The next thing she did was to snap photos with the kids and put up on social media.

“Why I spoke out at the first instance was because I felt so bad. No matter what, no matter who you have met now or that Mr right you have now, that person is not enough and shouldn’t be capable of convincing you to abandon your kids for that long.

“For you to be convinced to abandon your kids for that long means that maybe something has been going on while you were still with me. Or you feel with this new person, I have got everything that I wanted. But have you asked yourself, ‘How old am I?’

“Will I be able to have kids again?  I felt so bad. Why will a woman abandon my kids? Assuming she went with them, I wouldn’t have bothered much. But whenever I come around her house to see my kids, because we don’t live together, I find out they are with the nanny. Why? And I will be on location and the nanny will call me and say my child is vomiting. What! Where the phyuk is their mother?

“If you are married you will understand where I am coming from. It’s so painful and a lot of my friends were like ‘don’t put your family matter on social media’ but I needed to explode. I didn’t even read the comments on blogs because I knew people will call me names and insult me but all the same, thank God I did that, I have moved on,” Prince Eke rants on social media.

We only hope this pays off.