mumuni-badmus31Mr Muminu  Badmus, the Managing Director of Lagos Water Corporation (LWC), on Tuesday identified power and gas as major challenges the corporation faced in production and distribution in 2016.

In a talk with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), he fingered poor power supply and insufficient gas as hindrances to the optimal performance of the agency in 2016.

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Going on, Badmus said the poor gas supply can be traced to the activities of pipeline vandals in the Niger Delta. The vandalism adversely affected the procurement of gas to the Independent Power Plants (IPP) attached to the waterworks.

In a bid to counter the dire effect of the shortages, he said the Corporation had to buy diesel-powered generators in order to make water available in the metropolis.

He enjoined consumers to promptly pay their bills as “the water bill now does not cover the cost of producing and distributing water to houses, but it is helping with maintenance.’’

Badmus said that the corporation had created regional centres as well as data control to make its bill payment easy for customers.

He said that in 2017, the corporation would embark on construction of new waterworks stations to boost supply of potable water in the state.

According to him, many greenfield projects to be constructed with private sectors through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) modalities have been identified.

Badmus said that the involvement of the private sector would help the corporation in its effort to provide adequate potable water to areas yet to benefit from its services.