FIA President, Nicolas Debrimou.
FIA President, Nicolas Debrimou.

The president of the Ivory Coast Athletics Federation (FIA), Nicolas Debrimou, has resigned.

This was prompted by the vote of no confidence cast by the majority of the clubs at the body’s General Assembly. Only 18 of 57 clubs represented backed him to carry on.

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The president is being accused of misappropriation of funds and embezzlement. Allegations which he vehemently denies.

In a statement published by an online agency, Debrimbou maintains his innocence and has started making moves to prove this.

“I have requested evidence and the auditors have not been able to give evidence of the misappropriation,” he said.

Debrimou also told Mondial Sport he was happy with the work he had done but was also relieved to be departing the position.

“I am proud of the work I have done,” he said.

“I fulfilled my mission.

“I inherited a federation which was anachronistic, I brought it to a level where everyone is proud.

“I have obtained the recognition of the nation.

“Since I have hijacked no funds as some want to believe.

“The clubs, for reasons of their own, have not renewed their trust in me, I share relieved and I wish good luck to the new President to be elected.”