Sex and marriage Photo Credit Kingali Connect

Recently, I was asked the purpose of marriage, and my first answer was “Marriage is an institution that legally allows two companions who are in love to have sex…,” without finishing I was interrupted by the questioner.

It isn’t a bad thing to want to legally have sex but, it is important to state that amidst our choices for marriage, our reasons which might be choosing one who is all encompassing as a partner, a friend, an adviser, a family should also include having a sex partner.

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It is not news that many go into marriage for sex, yes sex! Even if a couple is compatible in all spheres, sex is that reel that, most times, keep the union of marriage intact.

Some men choose to be intimate with their wives once, twice, thrice a day, while some go on a scanty routine in a week or a month even months. It doesn’t demean a woman, neither is she being relegated to the background if she seeks tons of this from her partner, rather it shows how much she wants to keep bonding with him.

There are several challenges in life which vary from work, personal duties (sex exclusive), projects (a touch on every challenge would be a distraction to this piece), but at the end of the whole activity, which might take weeks or months, the couple elope and together, seal their fulfilment with sex and by doing this, they bond.

A touch on decency, prevails when it is seen as a good thing and not the vice. We live in an unconventional society today, do secular acts which allows freedom of individual decisions on how to go about their sexual lives, but for the purpose of this piece, marriage and sex being the main onus, we’ll keep it straight for the married.

Marriage is an institution of companionship that involves two individual, usually of different gender, class, social status and family background.

The climax of the institution that begins with a certificate of responsibility, might be outlived from the shortcomings of either or both partners or death.

Sex; The Lubricant

Marriage in itself is a sojourn of life that has a lot of challenges: learning, yearnings, confrontation. libidos and most importantly, sex. We cannot decide voluntarily to remain celibate in marriage. It is unfair, even outrageous, selfish and most annoying to even drive that into our thoughts.

The stiff stunts we play in marriage, is the stick that breaks because the oil that signifies unity has not been applied on the rough surface of iron, leaving it to rust and break without realizing it.

With every misunderstanding and reconciliation, ladies keep him high, you know you have the pass code to that, use it well. As a lady, with so many women around me, I have gathered so far that men have desires like food which has to be fulfilled. It is stupendous to bond intimately with your partner and trust me, sex is one way that can be stringed.

Let the bonding continue as we approach a New Year. Adios 2016