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An educationist, Mr Augustine Agali, has called on the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) to clamp down on the operations of non-registered teachers.

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The TRCN, whose guiding motto is “a job for all comers cannot be rightly called a profession”, is a body in charge of registration of suitably qualified teachers. The body aims to effectively regulate the teaching profession in Nigeria “founded upon robust teacher education and practice and where teacher quality, discipline, professionalism, reward and dignity match international standards.”

Agali, the proprietor of Prevailers Comprehensive College, Ijegun, Lagos,told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that many people have taken up teaching jobs without the appropriate qualifications and experience.

He said that many teachers found in classrooms across the country today were not duly registered with the council, thus projecting the profession in a bad light.

According to him, the mandate of TRCN is to regulate and control teaching profession at all levels of the nation’s education system, both in the public and private sectors.

“Every teacher practising in the country must be duly registered before he or she can take-up a teaching job.” This, he said, is not the case.

“Nowadays, we have teachers obtaining certificate in teaching on part-time basis; many of them do not know the rudiment of teaching.

“Neither do they possess the qualities to be good teachers.

He went on to touch on the high number of rape cases and other forms of sexual harassment. He found the proliferation of such acts quite worrying and urged the concerned authorities to give stiffer penalties.

He said that anybody found guilty must be sanctioned while the certificate of any erring person should be withdrawn so as to serve as a deterrent to others.