bird flu

Over 9,000 birds have died resulting from bird flu infection, the Kano State Government has announced.

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The birds were said to have died in two poultry farms that had been infected with the disease.

Director, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Shehu Bawa confirmed the deaths.

“As I am talking to you now, only two farms were hit by the disease and the farms had since been depopulated. We killed 500 birds in the first farm, while 8,500 were killed in the second farm.”

What’s the ministry doing about it?

Bawa said the ministry would intensify surveillance and disinfection of other farms to check the spread of the disease and would continue to sensitise farmers on the need for them to ensure clean environment.

He then appealed to the Federal Government to pay compensation to farmers who lost their birds in 2015, as the affected farmers have said they had yet to be paid.

“The payment will greatly assist in checking the spread of the disease as they (poultry farmers) would promptly report any outbreak of the disease to government since they know they would get compensation,” Bawa said.