Eman Salehi Killed Journalist

By Rashidat Akashat

A journalist, Eman Salehi, was shot dead in front of her 6-year-old son in Bahrain by a man, who later turned himself to the authorities.

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Daily Mail reports that the 28-year-old Salehi, a Shiite woman, worked as a sports journalist for Bahrain’s state-run television broadcaster. 

She was known for her piercing blue eyes and friendly demeanor. It’s unclear what sparked the December 23 shooting.

The incident happened, after her car halted at the Bahrain city popular in the Riff community, and also popular with members of the ruling Al Khalifa family and the military.

According to Daily Mail, The murder shocked the small island and has sparked controversy over who carried out the killing.

Eman Salehi

Activist Accuses A Member Of The Bahrain Royal Family For Her Death

Activists abroad allege that a member of Bahrain’s Sunni royal family serving in the military pulled the trigger.

The allegation that a member of the Bahrain’s Sunni royal family serving in the military Killed Ms Salehi has triggered an unsteady state up till the coast of Saudi Arabia, now five years on from its protests and in the grips of a renewed government crackdown on dissent.

‘If you say it involves the military, it involves the king,’ said Said Yousif Almuhafdah of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. ‘No one wants to mention that.’

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry issued only a terse statement on Twitter saying there had been a ‘murder of a female.’